Rodrigo Sganzerla’s Project

Coca-Cola+ 2014 World Cup Labels

In 2014, At the World Cup held in Brazil,
Coke created 11 officials cans made
by others nationals.

Coke written in Arabic, Aramaic, Bengali,
Korean, Hebrew, Hindi, English, Japanese,
Mandarin, Russian and Thai.

One day before the open ceremony,
we launched a tv spot presenting
the official World Cup song to the fans.

But it had one detail: people could
use the SAP mode in the television
to change song’s language.

You change the idiom of the music
using the remote control.

At the biggest event of the world,
Coke made an idea to speak
to the whole world.

 Wieden+Kenndy, São Paulo - 2014

Art Director: Pedro Izique, Rodrigo Mendes, Rodrigo Sganzerla 
Copywriter: Caio Mattoso
Creative Director: Ícaro Dória
Film Editing: Daniel Levenhagem


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