Copywriter                     Art Director
Rafael Quintal            Rodrigo Sganzerla

Africa DDB - São Paulo, 2018

Bud+A life
changing game

Brazilians love soccer. NBA? Not that much.
There are lots of courts but fewer are for basketball. No one wants to talk about

the Lakers game. And Lebron is not the MVP in popularity around here. Even so, there are a few people that really adore the game.

Budweiser wanted to reward this attitude with the best prize from any fan: tickets for the NBA Finals.


Copywriter: Rafael Quintal, Felipe Ribeiro
Art Director: Rodrigo Sganzerla, Henrique Folster,
Carlos Barabás, Raphael Souza

Creative Director: Matias Menendez
Director: Urso Morto
Cinematography: Gabriel Bianchini

Photography: Tommaso Protti
Soundtrack: Sono TWS