Copywriter                     Art Director
Rafael Quintal            Rodrigo Sganzerla

Africa DDB - São Paulo, 2018


Sounds at higher frequencies make food and drinks taste less bitter, while sounds at lower frequencies bring out the bitter flavor.
In partnership with big names in electronic music, nine tracks were produced using these two frequencies, for you to listen to when you don't have any Beck's around.
A sound frequency that can make the flavor of any beer taste more bitter. 


Copywriter: Felipe Autran, Caio Muratore, Rafael Valente
Art Director: Camila Shoji, Rodrigo Sganzerla, Thiago Barbieri 

Chief Creative Office: Hugo Veiga, Diego Machado
Executive Creative Director: Rafael Zandoná
Associate Creative Director: Chris Velutinni 

UX Design: Rodrigo Sganzerla, Webcore
Interactive Agency: Webcore
Motion Graphics: Anderson Lima, Victor Polycarpo