Copywriter                     Art Director
Rafael Quintal            Rodrigo Sganzerla

Africa DDB - São Paulo, 2017


Budweiser and Barbecue were made to be together. Such a perfect combinatio deserved to be eternalized in a book. Actually, two books. One is about Bud's
140-years-old process of making beer. In the other, the BBQ techniques of renowned brazilian chefs. But to show the deep connection between those two things,
the books are made to be read at the same time. Each page of one book was designed to be perfectly synced to the other book. Art and text.


Art Director: Henrique Folster, Rodrigo Sganzerla, Alexandre Kazuo, Carlos Barabás, Marcelo Almeida, Daniel Matsumoto -Copywriter: Lucas Ribeiro, Rafael Quintal - Creative Director: Matias Menendez, Nicolas Ferrario

Illustraitor: Gilberto Marchi, Sarah Kamada, Gabriela Sánchez, Jorge Tabajara - Artbuyer: Carmen Castillo, Natasha Grazia -Photographer: Rodrigo Pirim, Bruno Geraldi, Vitor Manon

Photo Production: Edinalva Farias, Peninha, Pepe Mockups - Graphic Prodution: Edson Harada, Carla Lustosa, Fernanda Badan - Retoque e Pré Impressão: Casa Vaticano - Printing: Leograf