Copywriter                     Art Director
Rafael Quintal             Rodrigo Sganzerla

Africa DDB - São Paulo, 2019 



There are dozens of picture of music legends drinking Budweiser. They are all over the internet. But do you know how much would cost to use those images to make
a campaign? Really. Really. Really expensive. If you could not use the pictures, at least, we could say how to find out it. We made a campaign using only
the tagwords that were linked to those epics photos and give a simple task to the fans: Google it.


Copywriter: Rafael Quintal, Felipe Ribeir - Art Director: Rodrigo Sganzerla - Creative Director: Matias Menendez - Executive Creative Director: Sérgio Gordilho - Special Projects: Juliana Leite, Monique Lopes Lima, Juliana Mendonça,
Fernanda Segura - Film Editing: José Ernesto da Silva Neto - Film Production: Landia - Executive Production: Sebastian Hall - Production: André Morata - Director: Aline Lata - D.O.P.: Erico Toscano - Color Grading: Marla Color Grading  

Motion Design: Matteus Faria, Raphael Santos, Bruno Valença - Motion: Daniel Tres D, Pedro Vieira Lima - Wall Painting: Alê Ferro - Silk: Estúdio Elástico - Photography: Rodrigo Pirim - Tecnology: Webcore