Rodrigo Sganzerla’s Project


Corinthians is the most popular
team in Brazil. The team that conquered
the world but never forgot where
it came from: the favela.

In 2015, Corinthians launched
the new jersey. An orange jersey.

Everybody started to wonder why
this colour. Why orange when
Corinthians uses black and white?

What they didn't know was that our roots
are orange. The field of many Corinthians's
players  learned to play is made by clay,

an orange ground, a place called
"Terrão". Corinthians is known as
"O Todo Poderoso Timão"(The Almighty
Corinthians), so we took that codename
and created our tagline campaign:
"O Todo Poderoso Terrão"
Wieden+Kennedy, São Paulo - 2016

Copywriter: André Almeida, Rafael Campello
Art Director: Rodrigo Sganzerla, Thiago Barbieri,
Mihail Aleksandrov, Rafael Rosa
Creative Director: Caio Mattoso, Rodrigo Mendes, 
Gustavo Victorino

Artist: Neto Chiccilli
Photography: Daniel Kfouri
Film Director: Big Bonsa