Rafael Quintal’s Project

Akatu+The Voice of the Drought

In 2015, São Paulo faced the worst
drought of its time. The water sources
reached the lowest level ever.

While everyone were looking for solutions,
we gave voice to the one who needed
to speak the most: the earth. We created
a typeface made by the  drought soil
of the main reservoir of the city.

At a website, anyone could use
the font in social media to post messages
about the lack of water.                         

At the same time, we upload the typeface
at the internet for people download it for free.
The font called "the voice of drought"
spread to the world.

Corinthians, one of the biggests
soccer team of the country, used the font
in the jersey.

Newspapers also used it in reports
about the waters. Brands made ads with
the typeface too.
 Owners Wanted, São Paulo - 2014
Copywriter: Rafael Quintal, Mateus Coelho
Art Director: Leandro Villas Boas, Manuel Scrofft, Pedro Sattin
Creative Director: Zico Farina, Leo Macias