Copywriter                     Art Director
Rafael Quintal            Rodrigo Sganzerla

W+K - São Paulo, 2016


During the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Nike wanted to motivate the brazilians to show their real potencial. But Brazil has a problem: 70 million of people don't have access to
the internet. Even if they broke their records, they couldn't share it with the world. So we add a new function in Nike+ app. Every time that someone broke a record,
the app rewarded than with an internet data. The more you run, the more internet you got to share the races. Fair, isn't it?


Copywriter: Stephanie Campbell, Rafael Quintal, Nikola Salim 
Art Director: Rodrigo Sganzerla

Creative Directors: Caio Mattoso, Rodrigo Mendes
Film Director: Antonio Tor