Rafael Quintal + Rodrigo Sganzerla’s Project

Brahma+ WYFA

There some moments in unique
moments in life.
When you wake up and your hair is perfect,
that little slap at your back from your
boss after the meeting or

when you send a message and she
answers at the same time.
When those things happen, you feel like
you own the place, you feel great,
you feel awesome.               
For that moments,
you need an awesome beer to celebrate.
And Brahma is that beer.
So, we made a campaign "When you feel
awesome, it calls for Brahma
 Africa, São Paulo - 2017

Copywriter: Mateus Coelho, Lucas Ribeiro, Rafael Quintal
Art Director: Alexandre Kazuo, Rodrigo Sganzerla, Henrique Folster,
Carlos Barabas, Raphael Santos
Creative Director: Nicolas Ferrario, Matias Menendez

Film Director: Claudio Borrelli, Diogo Gameiro
Sound Production: Comando S
Motion: Daniel Rodrigues